Stackable Connect Cards

Stackable Connect Cards for seat back pockets. Includes version with icons and without. Don’t forget to measure your seat back pockets to make sure these will fit.


• Custom Sizes (8.5 x 3.5)
Connect: 8.75 x 3.75
Prayer: 7.96 x 3.75
Give: 7.17 x 3.75
Serve: 6.38 x 3.75
News: 5.59 x 3.75
Custom sizes will require a professional printer to print each card to size. Custom printing and cutting can often have high costs. Print bleed is included.

• Fixed Sizes (8.5 x 3.5)

Connect 8.75 x 3.75
Prayer: 8.75 x 3.75
Give: 8.75 x 3.75
Serve: 8.75 x 3.75
News: 8.75 x 3.75
Fixed sizes are all 8.5 x 3.5. This will allow printing in bulk at a much cheaper cost. Each card will include white space that will require cutting to achieve the stack effect. Print bleed is included