Clickbait: Stories from the Bible that will shock you!

Stories from the bible that will leave you shocked!

Here is a short list of suggested topics, but please come up with your own:

• Man turns water into wine, find out how he did it inside!

• The 10 plagues of Egypt. Number 6 will gross you out!

• God creates Eve for Adam and the reason why will make you blush…

• Local drunk builds gigantic boat, the reason why is even crazier!

• 10 easy steps to a better life, Number 7 will blow your mind!

• Crippled outcast walks for the first time and you won’t believe how he did it!

• Week-long concert outside the walls of Jericho. Were they able to bring the house down?

• Fish swallows man. You won’t believe what happened three days later!

• King spies on lady while she bathes. You won’t believe what happens to her husband!

• 90 year old woman gives birth for the first time. How is that possible? See for yourself inside!